Before editing, you need solid writing. I specialize in writing about health care, science and research in plain language. I have years of experience in making complex information accessible to non-scientific audiences.


Substantive editing

This is the “big picture” edit, focusing mainly on the organization and substance of the content. I recommend changes to structure or content based on the purpose of the publication and the needs of the audience.


Stylistic editing

This type of editing is mostly about language, making sure that meaning is clear, jargon is removed, and the reading level is appropriate. I read the text line by line and make suggestions that improve understanding while maintaining the author's voice.


Copy editing

This is what most people think of when they think of editing. Copy editing is primarily concerned with spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and internal consistency. I make sure your publication is professional, accurate and error-free.



This is typically the final stage of the editorial process, checking the print proofs for errors in the text, page references and layout. I do a final check on the content, formatting and visual elements for a polished finished product.


Editing content
for the web

The way we read in print and online is totally different. I edit content originally developed for print to be optimized for the web.


Fact checking/
Reference checking

If you want to be credible, your facts need to be correct. I can check facts and quotes against your sources or do additional research to make sure they are accurate. 



If you are working on a literature review or other fact-based project, I can do the background research. I have experience with research databases (e.g., PubMed and Web of Science) and other search tools. And if you need to include interviews with experts, I have experience with that too.


More information about each type of editing is available at Editors Canada.

Types of projects

I have experience with writing and editing a variety of materials, including:

  • Articles (for specialized and general audiences)

  • Website content

  • Annual reports

  • Fundraising proposals

  • Brochures and promotional materials

  • Presentations

  • Newsletters

My services aren’t limited to these projects. Contact me to discuss what you’re working on and how I can help.



Every project is different in scope, length and complexity. Contact me with details about your project, and once I have a better idea of what you need, I can provide an estimate.